Data Protection Policy

Information about the collection of personal data and contact data of the person responsible

General guidelines

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations and this data protection declaration.
Different personal data is being collected when accessing our websites. Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Please keep in mind that data transmission via internet (e.g. communication by e-mail) is prone to security vulnerabilities. We would like to point out that security loopholes may occur in the course of data transmission via the Internet which cannot be prevented by the technical design of these websites. A complete protection of personal data is not possible when using the Internet.

Responsible for data processing

Responsible for the data processing on these websites according to the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) is Altmann & Temming GbR. Please find the contact data on the legal notice.

Right to information, deletion, correction and revocation

You may at any time get in contact with us to request a change, correction or deletion of your data. Please find our contact data on our legal notice. You may as well send us an e-mail to

Data collection during visiting our websites

1. Log files

What do we need the data for

What data is being stored to the log files

Deletion of the log files

Log files are containing the data of one month. Log files older than 13 months will be deleted automatically (incl. all backups).
In case a correction or deletion of the personal data stored has been requested those log files remain untouched.

2. Establishing contacts

What do we need the data for

During establishing contact with us (via e-mail or contact form) personal data will be stored and processed for the purpose of communication. The data collected for this purpose will solely be used and stored to answer your request respectively getting in contact as well as the according technical administration. The legal basis for data collection is our legitimate interest in handling your request pursuant to Art. 6, para. 1 lit. f, of the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO). In case your request is aimed to a conclusion of a contract or any fulfilment of a legal obligation the additional legal basis for data processing is pursuant to Art. 6, para. 1 lit. b, of the German Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO).

What personal data is being stored

The data collected by submitting entries into a contact form is dependent on the web form.

Deletion of personal data

Data being stored into log files will be deleted automatically. E-mails that have been sent to us containing the data you provided in the contact form will be deleted if not relevant any more for handling your request. You may as well request deletion of your personal data at any time. In case the data is needed for the completion of a contract or implementation of conditions precedent to a contract the data will be deleted only as long as there is no legal obligation to keeping that data.

3. Data collection via online registration to a dog show

What is the data needed for

Data is being submitted by entering it into a web form. These data is containing personal data of at least one individual - besides the dog's data.
Those data is not processed by us but placed at the disposal for collection by the host of the dog show registered to.
The host of the dog show is using the data provided for the show catalogue and for organising the show. In case of further questions regarding the utilisation of the data please feel free to contact the appropriate club or association directly.

What personal data are being stored

Deletion of personal data

The data entered will be deleted by providing a new (e.g. next year's) dog show registration template by the show host.

4. Cookies

Websites may use so-called cookies. Cookies do not harm your device and do not contain any viruses. A cookie is a small text file which stores information on your computer and is being stored by your browser.
We do not use any client-side cookies.

Disclosing data to third parties

We are passing personal data to third parties only in line with handling with the contract. Further disclosure is not taking place. Personal data will not be passed onto any other third parties (e.g. for the purpose of advertising) at any times.

SSL encryption

Our websites are using SSL encryption for security reasons and to securely transmit your data (e.g. your dog's registration or requests for us as the website owner).
An encrypted connection is identifiable by a "lock" symbol in your browsers address field and the address protocol is changed from "http://" to "https://". If SSL encryption is enabled, the data you are transmitting to us cannot be read by third parties during the transmission.

Analysing tools and tracking

We are using neither analysing tools nor tracking cookies on any of our websites.